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  • Can I post my classified ad via the website?
    Yes, simply go to our classifieds page and fill in the form.
  • Can I read the paper online now?
    You sure can! Just head to the 'subscribe' page, choose your plan and you gain access to the members only page to download the PDF copy of the paper each week.
  • Is the regular paper still available
    Yes! We haven't quite gone as far as stopping circulation of the physical paper. That will be around for a while yet, but we're hoping a digital offering will engage a new demographic of readers.
  • I have a great idea for a story, can I submit it for publication?"
    Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Just make sure you have it submitted by 5pm on the Monday before the Thursday edition you'd like it to appear in. You can either use the contact form on the website, or simply email your story and any photos to
  • What is the copy deadline?
    For all news stories, classifieds and advertisements, copy deadline is 5pm Monday unless prior arrangement has been agreed upon.


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