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Local who are you - Both Kyle and John have grown up in Robinvale. However, John arrived here as a less than 2 year old youngster. They both attended St Marys School Robinvale. John attended preschool prior to Prep. After primary school John attended Manangatang College and Kyle attended Robinvale College. At present Kyle and John live in Robinvale.

Parents Children Video and Gambling - Online gaming is the most popular form of entertainment for children and young people. Gaming can have a huge impacts on our Children in both positive and negative ways. One emerging issue is the crossover between online gaming and gambling, where young people may potentially be exposed to gambling or gambling-like features while playing online games.

Vilers Bretonneux - A small French town with links to Australia going back to World War One has raised more than €18,000 ($A 29 and a half thousand) for the fire-ravaged country. A march of solidarity is also planned for February 2, in the presence of the Australian ambassador. Earlier this week, the town’s Victoria school made headlines when it set up its own fundraising page, 100 years after the Australian state of Victoria helped to raise money to rebuild the school and town in the aftermath of World War One, in 1920. In honour of this, the school was renamed “Victoria”, and a town motto is now: “Do not forget Australia (N’oublions jamais l’Australie)".

Season has Started for Jack and Tayla - Jack and Tayla Bates entered Shipwreck Coast Motocross Open two Day Event 2020 on Saturday 25th January and Sunday 26th. The venue is at Lake Gillear, Allansford. Jack then took 3 from 4 races on his WBR Yamaha 85cc under 16 class to take the overall win in that Championship over the weekend. Tayla ended with a fourth place overall, one point behind third, in the Open Women’s Championship Race.

It’s Time to Catch Up - The Robinvale catch up club meets every third Tuesday of the month and the gathering commence at 10.00am at the Senior Citizen building in Robin Street, lunch is included.

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