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Osher is coming to Robinvale

We can now speak about one of the most brilliant things to come to Robinvale since Stan Grant's visit a few months ago for NAIDOC week.

Osher Gunsberg, (aka Andy G, aka Andrew Gunsberg) from The Bachelor, Bondi Rescue, Australian Idol and dozens of other Australian television shows will be in Robinvale on 16th October as a keynote speaker for the Network House & RDHS Mental Health Forum.

Carolyn Martinussen from Network House managed to secure funding through the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal to bring Osher to Robinvale to tell his story.

Among many other things, Osher now sits on the Board of SANE Australia & has written a book about his battles with addiction and mental health call "Back After The Break". Available in hard copy and audio book.

Find out more in the latest copy of the Robinvale Sentinel. Subscribe here.

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