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Concerns about Bromley Road

The following article has been submitted in the manner of a letter to the Editor because of concern about safety and also because some people feel in the dark about what is happening with the progress on the Bromley Road Project.


Some concerned Robinvale residents have had two meetings with the Bromley Road Project Manager, in December and February, for the purpose of asking questions about the project.

Last week, a small group of very concerned local residents met with Swan Hill Rural City Council’s (SHRCC) Mayor, Director Planning, Director Infrastructure and the Robinvale Ward Councillor, to try, again, to obtain answers to many questions a lot of locals are asking about Bromley Road.

Council has been requested three times (two verbal, one written), to please provide a detailed, accurate update on the progress of the Bromley Road Project. Council has also been asked to conduct two community information sessions, one during the day and one in the evening, to inform us and answer the many questions people have.

It was also suggested the local Police be invited so they can give us all a run-down on the altered traffic movements, signage, etc. Everyone who uses this Road is aware that the whole area is currently a debacle.

Matters brought to Council’s notice for immediate attention for safety reasons, include: ...

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