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Change at Bobby’s

After fourteen years and a few months, Bobby Hammet is moving out of her popular business in Perrin Street, “Bobbys .“ Rachel Costantino has taken over the business and is keenly looking forward to the future.

Bobby said that it was in December fourteen years ago that she took over the business from Jason and Fiona Zambelli and she has always been grateful for the help she received from them and thanks them again.

Bobby wishes Rachel all the best and said that one of the best things about her time in the business is the sense of achievement she has had in being successful in keeping a small business going in a small town. Bobby said that she has loved the characteristics that people in small towns have and the support they give you. She was not able to think of any disappointing aspects of her time in business. Read more here..

Rachel said that she is happy for people during this time of the coronavirus situation, for customers to make an appointment with her for viewing and fittings of items. Phone or text 0438 247 447

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