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A gift of love

There is a precious little girl in Robinvale named “Taylor Hicks” and unfortunately for her, since the moment she was born she has struggled with life threatening illnesses, and that battle still continues as she awaits a new heart. But no matter where she is, Taylor melts the hearts of everyone she meets, whether locally at her home or the Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. She has a very happy disposition and you just simply melt when she smiles at you. Her mum and dad

Dianne and Colin Hicks, have been on the long journey with her. For three years Dianne lived at McDonald House in Melbourne so that she could be nearby for Taylor at all times. During all this time Col, who is local Paramedic Team manager of the Robinvale Ambulance Branch, worked eight days on and six off, which were spent in Melbourne with Dianne and Taylor.

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