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Robinvale Sentinel: A Lifeline for Local News, We Need Your Support

The Robinvale Sentinel, our source of local news for over fifty years, is facing an uncertain future. This is not an isolated issue but a trend seen in many small towns across Australia and beyond. The importance of a local newspaper in such communities cannot be overstated, as it serves as a vital lifeline connecting residents and fostering a sense of community. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for the community and businesses to rally together to support the Sentinel and ensure its survival.

Producing a newspaper, even on a small scale, is an expensive endeavor. The Sentinel's $2 cover price per issue falls short of covering the production costs let alone any other overheads. Most people don’t realise that the main source of income for the newspaper is advertising. Revenue from advertising determines the size of the paper each week, pays wages and keeps it financially afloat. It is important for local businesses to recognise the significance of the Sentinel and consider advertising in it. By doing so, they not only support the newspaper financially but also enhance their visibility within the community.

The Victorian government's decision to slow down its advertising in newspapers has dealt another blow to already struggling country newspapers. This reduction in advertising revenue further jeopardises the viability of these vital community resources. It is imperative for the government to recognise the value of country newspapers and reconsider its stance on advertising support.

In light of these challenges, the community plays a crucial role in the survival of the Robinvale Sentinel. Firstly, individuals can show their support by subscribing to the newspaper. Subscriptions not only provide financial backing but also demonstrate the community's appreciation for the Sentinel's work. Additionally, individuals can help promote the newspaper by sharing its articles on social media platforms, reaching a wider audience and increasing its visibility.

Local businesses can also make a significant impact by advertising with the Sentinel. By doing so, they not only contribute to the newspaper's financial sustainability but also reach potential customers within the community.

The benefits of having a local newspaper extend far beyond the realm of information dissemination. The Sentinel serves as a platform for highlighting local achievements, covering community events, and addressing important issues. It brings the community together, fosters a sense of pride, and helps create cross-generational relationships.

The Sentinel's commitment to positive and uplifting stories plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative of the town and promoting a sense of unity and understanding among its residents.

Furthermore, the Sentinel contributes to the historical record of the town. It’s archives provide a wealth of information on the town's development, important events, and the lives of its residents. Accessible to researchers, students, and anyone interested in the history of the town, these archives ensure that the community's legacy is preserved for future generations.

How can you help preserve the longevity of the Robinvale Sentinel?

1. Buy a Sentinel subscription: Show your support by becoming a subscriber. Subscriptions provide a consistent source of income and demonstrate the community's commitment to the Sentinel's work. If you prefer to scroll your newspapers on a screen, subscribe online here

2. Promote and encourage digital subscriptions to the Sentinel: Our digital editions are perfect for family and friends who have moved away from Robinvale but are wanting to stay in the loop. Digital Subscriptions allow people outside the immediate area to support and stay connected to the community's news, expanding the newspaper's reach even further.

3. Advertise with the Sentinel: Businesses can advertise in the newspaper, contributing to its financial sustainability while gaining visibility within the community. Recognise the importance of the Sentinel and consider investing in newspaper advertising.

4. Classified Advertising: The Sentinel offers classified ads for various purposes, including positions vacant, birth and death announcements, birthday greetings and public notices. These ads provide a platform for the community to share important news and celebrate milestones. Local businesses can also utilise classified ads to advertise job openings, attracting potential employees from within the community. This way, businesses can support the local workforce while finding suitable candidates for their organisations.

5. Trade Guide Advertising: Bring back the Trade Guide! The Sentinel's trade guide ads are an economical option for businesses servicing Robinvale. These ads allow local businesses to advertise their products and services at a much lower cost, making it affordable for smaller businesses with limited budgets. By utilising trade guide ads, businesses can promote their offerings to the local community effectively, generating awareness and driving sales.

6. Engage with advertisers: When local businesses advertise in the Sentinel, support them by giving them your patronage. Let them know that you saw their advertisement in the newspaper and appreciate their contribution to its sustainability.

7. Like, Share and follow us on Facebook: Each week we publish blogs featuring this week’s news. Help promote the newspaper by our posts on Facebook. This increases the Sentinels visibility and reach, attracting a wider audience and more potential subscribers.

8. Share personal stories and experiences: Contribute to the Sentinel by sharing your own stories, experiences, and achievements. These personal narratives can provide valuable content for the newspaper and showcase the diversity and richness of the community.

9. Volunteer your time and skills: Offer your expertise and time to the Sentinel. Whether it's providing photos, or submitting a story, volunteering can strengthen the newspaper's operations and build a sense of community involvement.

10. Sponsorship Opportunities: Businesses or community organisations can consider sponsoring specific sections or events in the newspaper. Whether it be seasonal sport or a specific event, this can provide financial support while also building positive relationships between the sponsors and the community.

11. Provide Constructive Feedback and Story Ideas: Engage with the Sentinel by providing feedback on our coverage and suggesting story ideas of local interest. This helps us better serve the community's interests and ensures the newspaper remains relevant and engaging.

In an era where local newspapers face unprecedented challenges, the Sentinel's survival is crucial for maintaining community connections, preserving local history, and fostering a sense of pride and unity. By subscribing, advertising, engaging with advertisers, and volunteering, community members can contribute to the Sentinel's longevity. Sharing stories, providing feedback, and supporting local businesses further strengthen the newspaper's impact. Let us come together and ensure the Robinvale Sentinel continues to serve as a vital source of news, celebration, and community for years to come.

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