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Final edition for 2019.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Hear the week's news before you read about it in the paper.

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John Keating - 80 years old.. Driving trucks became a big part of my life

Robinvale Police Info - Senior Sergeant Molloy spoke about an initiative that he is introducing in the Robinvale area to try and arrest the spate of robberies from farms that seems to be on the increase.

Caix Square Xmas Decorations - Caix Square Xmas Decorations great success

School Awards/Presentation Nights - Euston Public School, St Mary’s School and Robinvale College

Senator Roberts talks about “water” at Robinvale Golf Club - Passionate discussions with Robinvale farmers deeply concerned about family security.

Ken Stringer National Medal 35yrs SES - On Wednesday night 11th of December Ken was awarded a National Medal 2nd Clasp for 35 years of service in the SES

SHRCC Mayor and CEO talk with Sentinel - Wednesday 11th of December John McLinden and Mayor Bill Moar and Cr. Jade Benham met with Sentinel.

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